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smart ideas

Use cases

  • Athletic shoes measuring distance, velocity, stride rate, running style, ground contact time, jump height, …
  • Tools measuring vibration, shock, drop height, temperature, position, residence, working period, …
  • Palettes measuring shock, temperature, weight, location, …
  • Chest belt measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, movement, …
  • Key allowing admission control
  • Mobile phone application for visualization
  • Gateway connecting to the cloud

We are the right partner for implementation of further sensors or functionalities.

In-depth knowledge is required for the development of high quality products. All development steps from specification to production need to fit together smoothly to end up with a working and cost-efficient product. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!
Our competency in a wide range of measurement techniques and wireless data transmission for ultra-low power systems enables us to efficiently meet our customers wishes. It is not possible to show you all our developments, lots of them we have signed a NDA for.

There are some inspirations with our own developments.

  • Chest belt CS5: chest belt with BlueRobin technology
  • USB receiver RTX4: receiver for monitoring team systems
  • Sensor pod SP2: encapsulated, robust and smart sensor with acceleration sensor
  • Sensor pod SP6: smart datalogger for acceleration and gyro, connected to an app
  • Sensor module SM3: analog bridge input for weight measurement
  • Module MM10: tiny and smart, acceleration and temperature measurement
  • Chest belt HRM2: BlueRobin and BLE in combination measuring heart rate, stride rate and posture