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We are developing digital radio communication for more than 20 years

BM innovations GmbH is a specialist for design, development and marketing of high quality electronic products for sports, fitness and medical applications.
Innovative power combined with the agility of a small-sized enterprise permits rapid implementation of new developments for a wide range of applications and fields of use.

Our core asset is the digital ultra-low power BlueRobin® radio communication technology. BlueRobin® enables us to connect battery-operated transmit and receiver units. We are using this technology in our heart rate monitoring chest straps, PC receivers and sports watches.

You can find us in a very urban environment in the south of Germany close to the munich airport.

BM innovations GmbH, respectively its predecessor BM wireless Ltd.&Co KG, was one of the first companies worldwide developing and patenting a digital transmission technology for battery driven commercial sensor products demanding a long battery lifetime. Advancing this technology, combining it with Bluetooth LE in an efficient way and applying the gained knowledge to pure Bluetooth LE implementations is still the main focus of the company.

In parallel measurement methods based on several different sensors have been optimized for current consumption and highly efficient algorithms for sensor data processing and analysis have been developed. The algorithms and the remaining software including wireless data transmission have been implemented on standard architectures like Coretex M0, M3 and M4, but also on highly optimized controllers / SoCs like the MSP430/CC430 or the EM9304 based on an ARC EM4 core.

More than 20 years of work on transmission technologies, measurement methods and algorithms resulted in hundreds of software libraries and routines. For new application developments, these libraries and routines typically will be adjusted to up-to-date possibilities and current requirements and then combined in the most efficient way, resulting most times in quite small parts that have to be developed explicitly and individually for customers.