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Sensors with radio - power efficient and smart

How can we support you?

In-depth knowledge is required for the development of high quality products. All development steps from specification to production need to fit together smoothly to end up with a working and cost-efficient product. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!
Our competency in a wide range of measurement techniques and wireless data transmission for ultra-low power systems enables us to efficiently meet our customers wishes.

Our service portfolio:

  • Consulting
  • Conceptual design
  • Hard- and software development
  • App development IOS and Android
  • Layout generation
  • Prototype build-up
  • System verification
  • Support for approvals and certifications

Our core asset is the digital ultra-low power BlueRobin® radio communication technology enables us to connect battery-operated transmit and receiver units. We are using this technology in our heart rate monitoring chest straps, PC receivers and sports watches. Up to 200 transmitters can be collected by a single receiver over distances of up to 800 m.

Radio standard BLE opens the connection to a huge mass marked.


  • temperature
  • movement
  • pressure
  • heart rate
  • posture
  • direction
  • inclination
  • lateral acceleration
  • angular velocity
  • weight
  • strength
  • humidity
  • air quality
  • ...

We show you how to collect measurement details, transfer them via radio in an efficient way and visualize them for further evaluation.