The sports watches BM-SW1 and BM-SW1A are a good foundation to develop own watch-based applications. Please check out the sample source code that shows how to receive data from our chest straps.

The watch can be connected to a Texas Instruments emulator or FET through a JTAG header. Software development can be done directly on the target hardware.

Important note: The BM-SW1 / BM-SW1A watches are provided without emulator and other accessories.

Product code BM-SW1-EU-S000 (868 MHz)
BM-SW1A-EU-S000 (868 MHz, with acceleration sensor)
Description Sports watch based on the 16-bit SoC CC430F6137 from Texas Instruments with 96 segment LCD display
Radio technology
Color Black
Logo -
Status Samples available

Development Kit for Sports Watches BM-WDK1

Sports Watch Development Kit
The development kit for sports watches enables a quick and cost efficient realisation of high end sports watches. It ideally supplements our mult-user training system.

Using a BlueRobinTM watch, athletes can control their performance individually and outside the range of the multi-user training system.

The standard liquid crystal display features a large segment area for enhanced visibility and a high resolution dot matrix area for various kinds of information, e.g. time, heart rate, calories or elapsed/remaining training time.

Product code BM-WDK1-EU-S000 (868 MHz - for EU)
Description Development kit for sports watches
Radio technology
Status In development