Chest Strap BM-CS5

The BM-CS5 chest strap is using the latest ultra-low power BlueRobin™ data transmission technology to transmit the heart rate.

Each chest strap has a unique ID assigned that can be used to identify the user and pair the chest strap to a receiver.

A built-in data collision prevention allows the chest strap to be used in multi-user environments, where a large number of chest straps transmit their data to a single receiver. Installations of up to 200 chest straps per receiver unit are possible. With the optimized internal antenna a transmission distance of up to 800 meters can be achieved.

Product code

BM-CS5-EU-S000 (868MHz - for EU)
BM-CS5-US-S000 (915MHz - for USA)
Description Chest strap for average heart rate measurement; data transmission includes
- average heart rate
- heart rate variability
Radio technology
Color Black
Logo BMi GmbH
Battery 1x CR2032
Status In mass production
User guide User Guide EU, User Guide US

Chest Strap BM-CS5SR


When receiving range is less critical, this short range version of the BM-CS5 chest strap is a budget-oriented alternative. Data transmission range is around 10 meters.

The BM-CS5SR is a good candidate for single user systems and can be used together with the eZ430-Chronos watch from Texas Instruments.

The BM-CS5SR is available in EU (868MHz) and US versions (915MHz).